Monday, February 27, 2012

Introducing ART 108 - Cultural Exploration Through Photography

The Institute for American Universities (IAU) in Aix en Provence is offering two photography courses this semester.  The students in ART 108, Cultural Exploration Through Photography, are new to photography - in varying degrees.   All work is done in the style of black and white fine art photography.  

This blog provides a platform for them to share their work as they build their skills as photographers (and photo editors) against the backdrop of their study abroad experience in Aix en Provence.


The first assignment was Light and Shadow.  Please put your hands together to welcome three of our new photographers as they introduce themselves and share with you this first assignment:

Catharine Youngs - I’m a sophomore French and Francophone Studies major at Carnegie Mellon University. I took one photography class over the summer in high school, so this is my first real photography class!

Julius Matusewicz - a junior philosophy major at Gettysburg College. Took a photo class in high school based on production of photos in the dark-room and that is all, no other photo experience. Taking the course to force me to take more pictures; lots of trouble motivating myself to go out and take pictures.

Alexis Girou - 20 years old, student at Adrian College in Michigan
Studying French, Political Science, and Economics
I have a passion for photography since I helped make the yearbook at my high school.
Since I have taken a black and white film class and decided that I prefer to stick to my digital camera =)

Lizzie Roy, from York, Maine. Junior in the Education Program at Sacred Heart University. Enjoys taking photos just for fun! Only experience was Photo 1 in high school! :)

Taylor Tennison - I am a junior International Relations and Global Studies major at the University of Texas at Austin. I have never taken a photography course before and came into this class knowing next to nothing about how to take thoughtful, interesting photographs. However, I really wanted to learn some skills that would help me document my semester in Aix with pictures that would do this beautiful city justice.  In just a few weeks, I feel that my skills have improved significantly, and I look forward to all of the new knowledge and cool photographs the rest of the semester will bring! 

Aix en Provence, Bouche du Rhône, France

Aix en Provence, Bouche du Rhône, France

Aix en Provence, Bouche du Rhône, France

Bravo to all for a splendid first project!

Check back often to see additional introductions and assignments as they become available.

In the meantime, remember:  Everything's all light...