Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Line and Pattern is the assignment.  Put your hands together for this next showing...and the creative way these students saw the world of line and pattern.

Shanna Armbrust:

Katie Komnenich:

Chelsea Minelli:

Anika Ades:

Stephanie Caruso:

Ginny McDermott:

Erika Roberts:

Renée Delisser:

Christine Reighley:

Lindsey Knapp:

McLain Gore:

Meagan McCarthy:

Rebecca Kollmann:

Farnham Rankin:

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Please give a warm welcome to the Fall 2012 semester class of Art 108, 
Introduction to Photography.  

As we do every semester, we're living out loud and in color...
...but keeping our work in black and white.

With no further adieu, I offer you this semester's photographers 
and their images for our first assignment: Light

Anika Ades
Tufts University, class of 2014 (junior)
One class in film photography, first experience in digital editing!

Meagan McCarthy, Boston College 2014 (Junior)
This is my first time taking a photography class and I haven't had too much experience with photo despite the fact that my mom is a professional photographer.  I decided to take this class so I could capture better photos during my time abroad.  I've always been more inclined to take photographs in color, but I'm starting to love the effect of black and white photography.

Ginny McDermott
Hobart and William Smith Colleges 2014
I have taken film photography in high school but never really focused on digital so I am really excited to learn more!  It's a perfect class to take abroad because you are forced to take pictures of really interesting things.

Stephanie Caruso
University of Denver, Junior
Background: très petit peu in film; fair bit in Photoshop and digital editing

Katie Komnenich
Univeristy of Denver, Junior
I've taken both film and digital classes, AP Art in High School
I love photography!

Name:  Renée
University: SUNY New Paltz Class 2013
Photography Background: Over active photographer while on vacation.
About:  I love the outdoors, nature, and having fun!
"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine!" - Anthony J. D'Angelo

Rebecca Kollmann
University of New Haven, Senior
No background in Photography
I like art, music, traveling, and being creative in everything I do.

Lindsey Knapp
University of New Haven, Senior 2013
Brief background, 2 semester of photo/dark room in high school

Christine Reighley
I'm shooting with a canon rebel DSLRt1i! I love it a lot.  I'm from Hobart and William Smith '14.  I took a film class in high school with Abby Sewall (a well known New England photographer) and took another film/digital class last fall!  Photography is a passion more than anything, but my friends always nag me for having my camera with me even though I know they secretly appreciate the pictures!
Can't wait to shoot around Aix.

McLain Gore
Penn State University, 2014
I've taken a few black/white film photography courses and am a filmmaker wannabe.

I'm Erika Roberts, a student from University of New Haven. I am studying Interior Design, graduating spring 2013. I've always loved photography but never had the opportunity to take a course. I am very excited to be part of this class and pursue my interest in photography.

Thanks for stopping in.  A few more photographers need to check in and introduce themselves so plan to drop in often to meet them and to see future assignments as they are added. 

And remember:
It's all about light...all the time!