Monday, July 30, 2012


This assignment was layered in its design.  As with all of the previous assignments, three images were assigned for the final critique.  But within that group the three images had to show three aspects of portraiture:  formal portrait, street photography and a self-portrait. 

Enjoy the following representations of the summer group in their final assignment!

Danielle Weisberg:

Cat Roberts:

Raine Couillard:

Lindsay Zhang:

Kelsey Lynch:

Hands together for a job well done!  Summer may have flown by but this collection of images will mark summer of 2012 at IAU in Aix en Provence!

 There is still more to be added from a few class members so check back to have another peek at these images and the new work to come!

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  1. You have a fantastic eye. They are all wonderful. My favorite is the man in the window. I feel like he is going to say something to me.